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Attorney: I have been an attorney since 1994, and am licensed to practice in New York, Pennsylvania, the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of New York, and the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit.

Authorship: I have published articles in sociology journals, and have written many, many articles on civil rights for the Civil Rights Law Review of Temple University and for online publications like Broad + Liberty,, PRIMO Magazine, the Pandola Learning Center and L'Idea Magazine

Appearances: I have appeared many times on the radio and on television, including:

"The Advocates" with Dan Cerucci

"In the Know with David Oh"

and "Don't Back Down" with Stanley Casacio.

Articles: The articles I mentioned above include:

The Philadelphia Inquirer's Take on Columbus: All Tabloid and No Truth (

The 1492 Project series of articles about the true history of Christopher Columbus, titled: "Christopher Columbus Is the Greatest Hero of the Fifteenth & Sixteenth Centuries":

"Part I: Introduction" (

"Part II: The Man" (

"Part III: The Scientific Hypothesis" (

"Part IV: The Discovery" (

"Part V: The Second Voyage" (

"Part VI: The Arch-Nemesis Bobadilla" (

"Part VII: The First Civil Rights Legislation of the Americas" (

"Part VIII: The Final Voyage to Freedom" (

Inspiration: When I lived in New York City in the early 90s, I recall seeing an article in one of the local publications, like The Village Voice or some such, about Christopher Columbus being a genocidaire. I remember that striking me as being questionable. Some time thereafter, I found a copy of History of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas in a used book store in lower Manhattan and bought it to see if it verified anything I had read in the newspaper. What I found was that not only was everything said about Columbus in the paper contradicted by this primary historical source, but it seemed to me that Columbus was actually a civil rights activist. Flash forward almost twenty-five years: I am living and working in Philadelphia. Philadelphia City Council receives a petition from a local attorney to eliminate the municipal holiday of Christopher Columbus Day. Councilman Mark Squilla calls the 1492 Society, who put together the Columbus Day Parade every year, and asks them if they have an historian on staff to research the claims in the petition. They do, Mike DiPilla, but his area of expertise is not the pre-Columbian Americas. But Mike says, "I have this friend who is a professional researcher..." and puts me in touch with Councilman Squilla. I have since lost the original book, but I told Councilman Squilla that if he purchased for me the primary historical sources, in English and in the original Fifteenth Century Spanish, I would conduct the research. I have since spent the past few years of my life in deep study of the primary sources, branching outward to other primary sources. And that's how I became the "Columbus expert."

Connection to City Council: My only connection to City Council is that I was enlisted by them, specifically, Mark Squilla, to conduct the research. The David Oh of the "In the Know with David Oh" fame, is also a city councilman.

Expert: I've been called a Christopher Columbus "expert" by the hosts of the radio and television shows I've appeared on, by the publishers of my articles about Columbus, and by the attorney who intends to call me as an "expert witness" in the civil rights legislation COPOMIAO, the 1492 Society, and City Councilman Mark Squilla, are bringing against the City of Philadelphia and its mayor for multiple acts of discrimination against Italian Americans:

Robert Petrone

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